Todd Long promises to “Fight Passionately” for Paul Ryan’s Plan to End Medicare Benefits (replacing them with an inadequate voucher).
(Bud Hedinger radio interview 8/6/12).
Todd Long Wants to Privatize Social Security. Long said, “I’m for privatizing it.”
(Avalon Park Debate, 7/14/12; Solivita Debate, 6/3/12).
Todd Long Wants to Raise the Age for Social Security and Medicare Eligibility to 70 or 72.
(Orlando Sentinel Editorial Board interview; “The Conservative Comeback”).
Todd Long Wants to Impose a National Sales Tax of 23%.
(Orlando Sentinel, 8/14/08; WESH interview, 7/23/12; “The Conservative Comeback”).
Todd Long Wants to "Freeze Medicare Spending."
(Celebration Debate, 7/16/12).
Todd Long Wants to Bring the Racist Arizona Law to Florida (requiring local police to demand proof of citizenship).
(Celebration Primary Debate, 7/16/12).